Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pale Rider

My fall collection is inspired by Annie Oakley, the wild west and horses of the apocalypse. I hope you will attend our show this Friday Sept 24 2010. Please check out our look book here.

Thanks to Chris Larson, Molly Roark, Ingrid Werthemann, Gail Madden, Lisa Luck and Jane Belfry for the amazing work contributed to the stunning lookbook.

Thanks to Stephen Stevens for capturing our looks so well:

Pale Rider, an MNFashion Production - September 24, 2010 from Stephen Squared on Vimeo.

Style Derby 2010: A Bicycle Fashion Show

A bicycle fashion show hosted by four designers, cyclists one and all.
As a preview to my fall show, I showed a series of separates quite suitable as bicycle attire. For a recap and review, see L'etoile Magazine's post here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lauren Treece for Vaga Magazine

I was recently contacted by Minneapolis photographer Lauren Treece on assignment for Vaga Magazine. Our mutual friend (and model/stylist for me and this shoot), Telche, suggested they pull some of my work. She requested to use some of my sculptural pieces for her "teen riot" themed fashion shoot. I was more than happy to do so, knowing that her dream like, enchanting images would capture the spirit of the pieces. Featured are my leather scalloped dress, wood collars, wood armor, feather wings, white fur vest and feather printed dress. The images are unbelievably stunning.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Green Tea: Rescue

Commissioned by Jahna Peloquin of Le Petit Connaisseur dela Mode, each designer made a look inspired by a Vitamin water flavor. My flavor was Green Tea: Rescue. With a desire to tie this look to my fall collection, I explored the idea of a Chinese cowgirl. A heroine that has escaped the harsh working conditions of the transcontinental railroad and has taken to the trail. A rebel and a loner, always a distant and stunning figure at the edge of town. She holds on to the fabrics and aura of her origin, yet accepts the need for tough and practical garb.
Cotton mandarin blouse, blanket wool mini-vest with leather and fur applique, silk trousers with leather detail, leather quiver/bandoleer.
Check out Jahna's recap of the entire show here.